Florida Digital Imaging

  1. Welcome to Medical Equipment of Florida your best source on diagnostic imaging equipment founded in 1986. At Medical Equipment of Florida, we are proud to provide for local and abroad doctors and veterinarians high quality imaging systems that meet their workflow needs and budget. Since our long time in the imaging equipment business, we have seen the gradual changes on the industry making us capable to provide all our customers with reliable services from traditional to digital imaging solutions.



  2. Gainesville radiology practice offering digital mammography, ultrasounds, CT Scans and MRI’s. Doctors Imaging Group certified radiologists in Gainesville and Palatka Florida are committed to you.



  3. We offer comprehensive document scanning, indexing, storage, imaging, and shredding services to businesses throughout Southern Florida.



  4. Moorman Photographics is a local, full-service digital photography studio. We cater to our Tampa Bay area clients with a wide variety of imaging needs. Our creativity ranges from capturing a gorgeous family portrait to creating cutting edge image branding for your company marketing needs. Our services include many types of portraiture including,



  5. We are North Florida’s “unique boutique” for photo imaging services. We offer a full range of photo lab services, scanning and digital printing options.



  6. Radiographic Film Distributors supplies digital X-Ray products and digital X-Ray supplies in South Florida such as CRs and DRs, X-Ray Equipment, Conventional X-Ray products, Analog X-Ray products and X-Ray Accessories to the South Florida area.



  7. Driving digital transformation with an innovative clinical research data platform, Flywheel offers comprehensive solutions for medical imaging data curation.


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