BASKIN, PLC – Scottsdale, AZ

Baskin serves both individuals and businesses in a broad range of settings. Alan Baskin’s 30 years of practice includes 7 years of government service and years of representing both people in business across an enormous spectrum of matters, ranging from small disputes to matters involving millions of dollars and/or threatening clients’ professions or ability to make a living.

From enforcement of non-competes in the competitive stockbroker world to enforcement of similar agreements involving medical professionals, key sales personnel and engineering staff, our attorneys have fought the fights needed to successfully address a wide variety of non-compete disputes. We are happy to bring our hallmark proactive, creative and careful approach to your non-compete problems.


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Simply put, we know Florida non-compete law backwards and forwards. If you are considering a non-compete attorney, please give us a call at (800) 698-6650.