Avibro is a Turkish manufacturer for decades of experience in the field of industrial vibrators.We provide a complete range of electric vibrators, external vibrators and pneumatic vibration motors for all industries.By supplying competitive, high quality products for wide-ranging applications, AVIBRO serves high performance vibratiion motors and reliability following new trends in market. We highly believe in innovation and investing continuously all effort to new ideas to step forward.As a strong player in industrial vibration technology since 20 years, fast delivery , qualified after-sale service became our priority of development strategy.We guarantee same level of service worldwide at any time.Experienced Technical Team , which includes highly skilled engineers professionalised in designing productive, target-based , safe and reliable solutions , is always at our customer’s services to find out best solution for your requests. We are following same strategy which brought us today’s successfull place in industry and we will be following this vision with same passion.

Field of activity

Motor vibrators

external vibration motors

Pneumatic vibrator

electric vibrators

industrial vibrators

Website: https://www.avibro.com/


A.O.S.B. Mah. 10026 sk. No:36 CIGLI
35620 Izmir – Turkey