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Our company, which produces and exports for model ships, has been steadily growing since it was established in 2009.And more than 85 ship models delivered to customers since 2009. Satisfaction with the quality of our products and our prices. In addition, as one of our competitiveness in the market, ANOAH can design and produce any kind and any design you need and so far, ANOAH are proud to say that we have yet heard any complaints from our customers. We have attached ANOAH INTRODUCTION. If you would like to have further information, please contact us.And, ANOAH pride ourselves on the quality of the MODEL SHIPS we produce and feel confident that they will help you to expand your market I hope that you will be interested in our product.

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Doosan-ri Bumseo-Eup Ulju-Gun, Ulsan Republic of Korea
680808 Ulsan – North Korea