Aluminum Bronze Welding Wire Manufacturers & Suppliers in US

AMPCO METAL offers a full range of aluminum bronze and other copper based arc welding alloys that are suited for a wide range of applications. AMPCO-TRODE® 10 (AWS Class ERCuAl-A2, ECuAl-A2) is the most versatile welding filler metal in our extended family of aluminum bronze alloys. This alloy is used for joining, as surfacing for a bearing or wear surface, as surfacing for corrosion resistance, joining dissimilar metals, and for maintenance and repair. Aluminum bronze alloys AMPCO-TRODE® 7, 10, 150, 160 are recommended for welding aluminum bronze of similar compositions, and as surfacing for bearing surfaces on steel for metal to metal wear. These alloys produce a deposit with an average hardness of 125 through 166 Brinell. They are available in MIG spooled wire, TIG filler rod and coated electrodes.

At Three D Metals, we’re powered by our exceptional people and driven by the evolving needs of our customers. Our roots in this industry go deep. Started in 1972 by Dave Dickens, Sr., our offerings have grown as the needs of our customers have changed. We offer an extensive inventory of high carbon spring steel, high and low carbon steel, copper, aluminum, and brass materials for the automotive, power generation, appliance, construction, and mining industries.

As a top international manufacturer of high-quality precision wires of non-ferrous metals for spark erosion, welding and brazing, electronic components, resistance wires and special applications, we distinguish ourselves in the market through high quality and smart services.

Distributor of stainless steel, bronze, alum-bronze, copper alloys, titanium, & high temp alloys. Available in bar, tube, pipe, plate, sheet, shapes, fittings & flanges. Value added services such as bar grinding, heat treating, trepanning, saw cutting, rough & finish machining. Industries served include: aerospace, commercial, automotive, medical, electronic, food preparation, military, repair, pump & power generation. Also specializing in hard to find materials, emergency jobs & shut downs. We are a WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) that specializes in Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper and High Nickel alloys. We also provide a “One stop shop” for all metals including Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon and Alloy Steels. We have many “Value Added” services to help you save time and money. From top Fortune 100 companies to mom and pop shops, we are here to help you be competitive in the U.S. and world markets.

Since 1905, the Harris name has been identified with innovative people, practices, and products as the industry leader in gas distribution solutions, consumables, and equipment used in a variety of industries. Whether you are a production brazing manufacturer seeking ways to improve output while lowering overall costs or an architectural firm needing gas distribution systems for a new project, Harris offers a full suite of products and services to maximize capabilities while minimizing cost. Let one of the Pros at Harris show you how.