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Physiotherapy routes itself in many disciplines including: sports, EMG, geriatrics, neurologic, prosthetics, orthotics, orthopaedics and pediatrics. Algeos Physio far reaching product offerings are accepted and used daily in all these disciplines especially lower limb Physiotherapy, where products such as foot orthotics, walkers, heel lifts and imobilisation solutions are widely used and trusted. Algeos Physio & Rehab are global suppliers to the Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) and Rehabilitation sectors. We specialise in diagnostics, exercise & therapy equipment, electrical therapy, orthotics and everyday Physio consumables. We design, manufacture and stock a large range of products, including some the Worlds leading rehabilitation brands. Brands from Algeos include: Physioworx, Bodytonix, Podotech, Barefoot Science, Ice Power, Slimflex and Interpod. Algeos is a Member of the ALG Family of companies with Headquarters in Liverpool, UK.

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Physiotherapy equipment

physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment and supplies

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