“We Customize Our Products To Meet Your Individual Needs.” Acculogic is an international company that designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of systems and instruments for testing electronic devices, circuit boards and systems. Our services and products are used to validate designs, ensure integrity of prototypes, improve production processes and yields, and deliver defect-free final products. Core Capabilities: ​RoboticsImage analysis and image related workElectrical Measurement SystemsServed Markets: AerospaceAutomotiveConsumer ElectronicsCommercial ElectronicsMedicalMilitaryThere are (at least) four reasons why you should choose Acculogic for your business: While many offer tailor made solutions for general usage, we customize our products to meet your INDIVIDUAL needs. We offer scalable solutions made to solve a wide range of test challenges.Our flagship products of Flying Probe test systems require no test fixturing, have almost free board access and can test boards with virtually unlimited number of nets.Acculogic offers a powerful suite of PC-based Hardware and Software tools especially designed for testing of electronic devices, boards and systems using the IEEE1149.1 and IEEE1149.6 standards.We offer a worldwide customer service and support organization. Our team of application and service engineers around the world extends the life and productivity of every Acculogic tester and protects your capital investment.

Flying Scorpion FLS980Dxi – Flying Probe Tester

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Flying Scorpion FLS980Dxi – Flying Probe Tester

In-Circuit Tester – SCORPION iCT7000

The Scorpion BRiZ

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Flying Prober

In-Circuit Tester

Boundary Scan

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